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What’s Behind the Curtain

I don’t usually post others dreams, but this one really seemed important and was told me by a teenager who I’m close to. Discern for yourself if this from the Lord.


There was a big red and gold room with a lot of people in it giving money to someone hidden, but they did not know what they were giving too. There was a ginormous red curtain, and all the people wanted to see what was behind it. But they only showed two people standing at a booth behind a small portion of the curtain. Then a person was walking through the room. He seemed like Jesus to me. I saw in like holograms, gold coins, and as he walked through they pored in representing the money the people were giving. Then he got to the curtain, and then roared, and a big wind blew back the curtain. I saw half of a Buddhist statue. Later all the people came together again and the man was standing on a gong and swung it, and the statues’s head came off and fell in front of the people, and they were all terrified.

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