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Author, Artist, and Healing Art Coach

Hi. I’m Carolyn “Charismata” Weaver. The nickname “Charismata” came from an encounter with Jesus where I asked Him what He called me in heaven. He often calls us things that we can’t even believe for at the time. That was the case for me. The name means “power of His glory”. At that time He first called me that, I was probably the weakest I had ever been, as I was struggling through an intense inner healing process. It was in those valleys of Him healing my deepest wounds from childhood abuse that I came to hear His voice clearly and see Him in the spirit. My passion now is to point others to that same place of healing and intimacy through the creative arts. For more on my story, click here.

The Monthly Encounter Classes

The Healing Art Classes came out of my own personal healing journey where God utilized the artistic expression as a way to process my own healing. Several years ago He asked me to begin teaching others this process. These unique and engaging art classes have evolved from years of my own experiences as someone who has walked through a couple of decades of heart healing in friendship with Jesus and from my own background as an artist and art teacher. For more information on the healing art classes and/or to sample a free class, click here.

Heart Healing Messages to Encourage and EquipClick Here for more!

An Interview for My Newest Book, “The Bride Arising” with Special Guests: Adena Hodges, Wendy Cohen, and Lisa Meister

For More Engaging Interviews, Click Here.

To find out more information about our books, click here.

Paintings, Prints, and Products

For more information on our art collections, prints, commissioned paintings, and more products, click here.

One on One Healing Heart Coaching

On a limited basis, I offer one on one heart healing coaching sessions. For more information about these, please click here.

What Others Are Saying: “The Encounter experience offers connection and intimacy with God that are truly life changing…” – April, former care coordinator at Switch “I highly recommend this class to anyone seeking an intimate journey of healing through Christ Jesus. This class led me into an artful restoration of my heart and soul every week.” – Crystal, prophetic artist For more testimonials, click here.

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