Who I am…

Hi. I’m Carolyn “Charismata” Weaver. The nickname “Charismata” came from an encounter with Jesus where I asked Him what He called me in heaven. He often calls us things that we can’t even believe for at the time. That was the case for me. The name means “power of His glory”. At that time He first called me that, I was probably the weakest I had ever been, as I was struggling through an intense inner healing process. It was in those valleys of Him healing my deepest wounds from childhood abuse that I came to hear His voice clearly and see Him in the spirit. My passion now is to point others to that same place of healing and intimacy.
I’m married to an amazingly patient and handsome man who keeps me grounded and have three children. I love to write about my journey with the Lord, serve as an assistant prayer coordinator with SC Aglow, and enjoy sharing the creative process with others -how it can help you connect with God and bring healing, especially to fellow abuse survivors.

Why we do what we do…

Blossoming hearts equal flourishing families.

Our vision is for all families to be healthy, Christ-centered, which results in healthy communities.

Our mission is to strengthen the family unit by cultivating relationships with God, yourself, and others.

Our belief is that strong, healthy, God-centered families are the backbone for healthy community. We also believe that as God heals, restores, delivers the individuals in the family unit, and each operates in their identity as Sons and Daughters of God, family can truly thrive creating healthy communities.

Our mandate is to allow the Lord to heal the broken hearted, to rebuild the devastation of many generations, and to turns the hearts of the father to the children and the hearts of children to the fathers through us. Is. 61, Mal. 4:6

How do we accomplish this…

The Write Side :

Blogs, articles, and books that encourage and nurture those relationships through our life journey, prophetic words, marriage and family lessons, etc…

The Artsy Side:

Blossoming Art Classes that provide connection with God through the arts that nurture your soul and spirit. These are live and online classes.

Healing Heart Art Classes that are specifically designed for survivors of abuse which are offered for free, whether online or in person through organizations like Switch or by request.

Resources for personal, spiritual, marriage, and family growth.

Coming Soon: “The Invitation” by Carolyn “Charismata” Weaver : An artistic and interactive journey into deeper places in God’s heart for you. Publishing TBA.

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