What Others are Saying

“The Encounter Art class offered by Carolyn Charismata Weaver is an experience you don’t want to miss! Carolyn sweetly offers guided space for connecting with the Lord that leads to transformation and healing. After experiencing intimacy with God, a time is offered for creating an artistic representation of each participant’s encounter with God. The Encounter experience offers connection and intimacy with God that are truly life changing! The Lord used Carolyn’s Encounter class to reveal himself more personally to me. My intimacy has grown with Him and He has revealed Himself as tender and kind, speaking new life into wounded spaces!” – April, former care coordinator for Switch

“I highly recommend this class to anyone seeking an intimate journey of healing through Christ Jesus. This class led me into an artful restoration of my heart and soul every week. Carolyn is a great teacher and is able to meet you where you currently are in life and help you breakthrough into healing through artistic expression.” – Crystal, prophetic artist

“During our 6 weeks together, I was continually drawn into deeper intimacy with Jesus. This was wonderful because my artistic talents ended somewhere around the age of 5, and I can draw stick people fairly well. Carolyn’s ability to encourage us to be open to a fresh connection with God was amazing and not something I will forget any time soon. Carolyn also gives lessons on how to create a drawing or painting that brings the encounters you have with God to a brightly colored page. You will learn how to use different mediums throughout the class. Still, if you are like me, all of that will be interesting, but nothing I could master, and you know what – that is totally okay. You will encounter Jesus the lover of your soul, and you will find a safe place to commune with Him in this class.” – Susan, retired mother and advocate

“The Encounter art class helped me to connect with the Lord in a deeper way than before, and gave me the tools to continue to connect with Jesus on my own. The art pieces helped with the process by allowing me to express what I was hearing or feeling from Jesus, and it was very calming. I think this class can be very helpful to those who are wanting to get closer to God, and who want to hear from him. Carolyn offers really good guidance questions to help guide the class, and her prompts are really helpful when speaking with the Lord. She asked questions that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own, that brought forward a lot of good things. Jesus was able to show me a lot of things that I was holding on to that he wanted me to let go of, and I met the holy spirit for the first time and got to experience her wrapping me in her love and comfort. This class is definitely worth taking. Carolyn is very good at guiding the time, and the experience with Jesus is really powerful. Each week after the class I left with a sense of peace, and it really helped me grow in my relationship with Jesus.” – Jasmine, teen