Healing Heart Coaching

I am offering one on one coaching sessions on a limited basis. These are first come, first served, and on a donation basis.

I”m not a licensed counselor or therapist, yet I have walked through years of my own healing journey, and my husband and I have a ministerial certificate through Word of God Ministry. Through the years, I’ve gained several tools in the tool box, so I love allowing the Holy Spirit to lead our time together, and to apply whichever tool is best for our time. The basic approaches that are used are the Immanuel Approach, Elijah House Ministries, and Theophastics. The focus is always connecting with God, who is the healer and ultimate counselor in safe internal places, allowing the Lord to be the minister, following His lead, which is all about relationship.

To schedule a time on my calendar for a Heart Healing Coaching Session, please email me at blossomingheartsstudio@gmail.com

This portion of our business is donation based, so please prayerfully consider what you may want to donate for the time. Many times survivors of different types of abuse are in a process of coming out of situations where there aren’t much funds to give. Having gone through years of ministry myself, I understand how that may feel. Your donations help us to continue to offer classes and sessions for free to those unable to give.