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Looking for Guinea Pigs. Oh, I Mean a Beta Group

This fall, for six weeks, I will be teaching an online Beta Class through a format like Zoom (TBA) to test out the concept of combining an exploratory art class with experiences of encountering God, which will be based out of “The Invitation” with some coaching and personal connection thrown in there.  As most things with me, I can see it in my mind’s eye, but have not seen anyone else attempt this, so we will be going into some unchartered territory.  

I’m looking for 10 to 20 people to be apart of this group.  The class will run once a week, on a Sat morning or Sun evening beginning in Oct., and ending second week in Nov..  I’d actually like to mix it up between both to see which has a better response.  It will be around an hour and a half.

The only cost to you for this beta group will be a few minor supplies, like paper, maybe some simple colored pencils or markers, and if you want, a small paint set, like water colors.  It really just depends on how much you want to do with that and what supplies you may have on hand.  The things we do artistically are going to be simple.  No art experience is necessary.  You also may want to order a book if you haven’t yet, but it is not required.  I can offer anyone in the group a discounted book rate.  

I will be asking for feedback, but it should not be time consuming.  I just need to work out the kinks, and I appreciate anyone allowing me to do that.  If you enjoy the classes, and want to donate towards our time, it will be appreciated, but not expected.

The hopeful launch time for the official classes will be Jan/Feb..  You can ASAP by contacting me at or shooting me a message through the contact me on this website.

Thanks a ton!

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