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The Uprooting

I have been prompted for the last few days to share a small portion of a prayer event that happened on March 15, 2020, the day before our state shut down because of the pandemic, the day before the world seemingly screeched to a halt.  

The Lord’s timing is often very different than ours, and in writing this, I am not going to try to interpret it.  Some of it seems clear.  For other parts, the meaning is still obscure.

I serve on a prayer team for my state, and we have been prompted to pray over certain cities in our state at different times for specific reasons.  I don’t feel led to share all of those details, but here is what I can share.   

On February 21, 2020, I awoke from a dream of being in a large church that had a huge pipe underneath that was tiled with white ceramic tile.  I kept trying to see something else, but kept being led back to this pipe.  

After I woke up, I heard “Prayer walk by starting at the church, then go the slave market, and end at the port.”

I asked, “Which church?” 

I heard, “The Episcopal”.

I knew in my spirit it was the oldest church in Charleston, with Charleston itself being one of the oldest port cities in our nation (The city was founded in 1670).  I immediately looked it up, and the church is St. Michael’s, and is located at the corner of Broad Street and Meeting Street on one of the four corners of what they call the “Four Corners of the Law”.  The court house is across the street, City Hall to the right, and what was the Postal Service, but now the Federal Court building diagonal.

I heard, “Take salt and sprinkle at each site as symbol of purifying the land.”

Salt is commonly used in the Bible symbolically for different ceremonies, etc…

On the day of the event, my husband and I arrived before the rest of our team, and felt led to walk the route in reverse order, noticing several landmarks that we had not known would be on the route.  The first being a gentleman’s club on a back street, and then the original property of the first masonic lodge in Charleston, which is now a bank.  We continued onto St. Michael’s, but waited in a city park across the street, which was adjacent to City Hall.

In the middle of the park stands an Egyptian Obelisk as the center point.  Then to the left, a large statue of George Washington on which is a plaque to honor him that lists on the bottom our first President’s membership in the masonic lodge, as well as another society club.  All this is history, but all seemed very connected.

There were huge, ancient oak trees lining the walkways.  These were the kind with moss draped over the branches that reach out in all directions touching the ground in some places – fantastic climbing trees.  Those trees had seen a lot in the history of that city.

As we walked the path between the trees back out to the gate to sit on a bench to wait, I began to see an open vision and hear in the Spirit a chant. The chant began low, like to a drum beat, and grew in strength.  It seemed as if the trees themselves were chanting.  “Pride.  Honor.  Dignity.  Pride.  Honor.  Dignity.”  It repeated over and over and had strong feeling of “Elitism”.  It seemed to represent the city and our country even in some ways.  It wasn’t a good feeling, yet the chant continued.

All of a sudden, as if I could see an overlay over the trees, I saw a huge hand reach from heaven and grab each tree, yanking them up by the roots and flip them up side down. 

Immediately, I heard, “Everything is getting ready to get flipped upside down.  I have to go to the roots in this country and uproot the evil that has been present from the beginning for this nation to survive.  I have to go to the foundations.  For this country to fulfill her destiny, I must uproot the things that have been here from the beginning.”

To say the least, I was a bit shaken at what I had just witnessed.

As my husband and I left to walk across the street to meet the rest of the team, the trees were in full bloom next to the gate – an early, first sign of spring.  I took a picture, which is the picture I used for this post. 

As we passed it, I heard, “I will keep my promises for this country.  Its destiny will be fulfilled.  This is a sign that I will fulfill my promises.”

To my surprise, the trees blooming are Crabapple trees, which have long been associated with marriage, love, and fertility. The beautiful confirmation this brings is for this entire prayer assignment the Lord was emphasizing that He is married to our land.

At the front of the church we meet the team by four, prominent pillars.  Again, I heard the chant begin, yet added to it was “elitism”.

Then I heard, “Rename the pillars.”  So, I simply declared the opposite of what I had heard in the chant and put salt at the base of each.  “Humility.  Love.  Peace.  Joy. “

My husband read out loud the scripture from Isaiah 62:4  “You shall no more be termed Forsaken, nor shall your land be called Desolate any more.  But you shall be called Hephzibah (My delight is in her), and your land be called Beulah (married); for the Lord delights in you, and your land be married (owned and protected by the Lord).

Each person with us carried an important piece to the prayers we prayed that day, and there were many more details to this prayer walk that are not apart of what I am supposed to share, so I will save that for another time.

As we were leaving the city around 5:15 pm, we heard on the radio that an earthquake was felt north of Charleston.  We later found out there were several more that evening that began in Centerville, SC then to Mulberry, NC to Flat Rock, NC to Newbern, NC, and finally to Mascot, NC.  The one in Mulberry especially caught my attention, as it is a tree that was brought here from China in the early 1700 to help silkworms produce silk. George Washington was said to have bought its fruit from Prince’s nursery.

The following day, our state shut down for the pandemic, and the world as we knew it has changed.

There have been many times in the last year and a half that the Lord has reminded me of the things He showed me during this prayer walk.

The most impactful thing for me was seeing that hand grab the trees and just yank them up.
The process our country and really the world at large is in this shaking of the foundations, this great hand reaching down, grabbing those trees by the roots, and flipping them over to expose the corruption that’s been in the foundation, so that it can be dealt with, so that we can fulfill our destiny in this country.

I just don’t believe that He is done with us yet.

Yes, it is going to continue to get messy.  Evil doesn’t like exposure and will fight like hell (excuse the pun) to stay rooted.  Yet this is the Lord of the Angel Armies that is allowing this process to happen.  And He promises He will prevail.

He will keep His promises to and over our country, as He uncovers and uproots evil systems that have been in place as it seems since the beginning of our country.  So take heart.  Keep your eyes on the Lord.

We triumph through the finished work of the cross and the word of our testimony.  He already has won, and He already knows the future, so no matter how messy it gets, we can trust that what He is at work doing is ultimately for our good, to fulfill His good plans and purpose for us.  

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