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A Crisis of Goodness

Troubling.  Confusing.  Disappointing.  Grieving.  Overwhelming. 

It has felt at times like a rollercoaster of emotions in these past few weeks.

In this past month, we’ve basically witnessed the powers that be shut down freedom of speech and the due process of a fair and just election.  I don’t care which side that would have happened to.  That highly disturbs me.  

We have also seen a deluge of disinformation fill our news networks, social media, text messages, etc., to the point it’s hard to know what to believe.  For many, disillusion has set in, people question everything, and distrust and fear prevail.  

A close friend, who is an African American woman with some differing views, shared with me that she and her friends had been getting messages about KKK groups that were said to going to attack, while I’ve gotten my phone filled with messages about the overthrow of government.  My dear friends, we have been played.  

The enemy of our souls plays on our fears, insecurities, unbelief causing us to react.  There are real, demonic forces that seek to tear us apart, to tear our nation apart.  

A nation divided against itself will fall.

I also seen supposed believers eat other like bread, as the prophet Isaiah put it.  People have jeered at prophetic voices, which touted Trump would remain in office. It has felt like brothers and sisters have been quick to cry “crucify”, instead of being willing to act in sacrificial love welcoming the nail like Jesus did.  

This ought not be and grieves the heart of God.  In fact, in I John 4 it says that we don’t even know God, if we don’t love our brother.  Why would the world have an desire to have what we have?  Please don’t hear condemnation in my voice.  It’s grief.

In some situations correction is needed, especially where prophetic voices have no accountability, and seemingly have been more into the tickling of ears, like the prophet for hire types.

Yet, many, many true and tried prophetic voices have seen so many visions and had so many dreams that seemingly were wrong.  What do we do with that?  Did we all just hear what we wanted to hear, see what we wanted to see?  Possibly.  

Any person who sees or hears only sees in part and hears in part.  To me, it’s always like a giant puzzle that God pieces together through His kids.  From that stand point, it is truly a beautiful woven together gift that comes from the body.  

Yet it disturbs me when we as a culture look only to prophetic voices to hear from the Lord.  This is not to say we shouldn’t value prophets or the gift of prophecy.  We should, but Jesus is the head of His body, and He wants to speak to all of us.

Many times while serving in prophetic culture, people would just walk up to me expecting me to have a word for them.  This is dangerous for many reasons.  It puts the person being asked under a lot of pressure to please man.  It also always felt like it was like putting God as a genie in a bottle, which I can tell you, He highly detests.  

God has said many times this past year that He is exposing corruption.  I believe it has only begun, but our focus must remain on God and His truth as revealed in the Bible.  I also believe God is uncovering corruption in His Bride foremost.   There are some deep seated heart issues that must be dealt in His bride, no matter who is in office.  

Did God allow Biden to become President?  For whatever reason, Yes.  I don’t know how long that is for, but for the moment he is our inaugurated President.  Does God love and care about Biden, Harris, and even Pelosi?  Yes.  

Do I understand how it all fits together in God’s plan for our nation? Not really.

Am I giving up on our country, throwing my hands up that all is lost?  Absolutely not!  God is not done with our country.  He is not even done with Trump.  

Because of the vision I had that was made so public, I’ve had many ask me did God tell me Trump would re-elected.  My answer was and is no.  

He did not tell me one way or the other, but chose to be quiet on the matter with me.  

I honestly try not to ask those type of questions to the Lord, because I don’t want to be guilty of treating Him like a fortune teller.  I have done that before and repented, so I really try not to go to that place with Him, because I usually hear wrong anyway.  

Sometimes my humanity gets in the way and I interpret things wrongly, which has been a painful learning experience for me and others.  Think Joseph and his dreams.  There are times I hear what I want to hear.  I need tons of grace and discernment.  More often than not, my timing is completely off.  Think Abraham here.  

If Yahweh so chooses to tell me something regarding future events, that is up to Him, and He does share things with me from time to time.  When I sense it is from Him, I weigh it against His Word, and I submit it to others I trust who have good fruit in their lives.  

When it truly is a word from Him, I can promise you it will come to pass, because He is faithful and true, and never lies, though almost always it looks way different than I thought it.   Yet if I look back at a word from Him, I then can see in hindsight what He meant or how it played out.  

I simply am not God, nor should I try to be.  He is fully able to fulfill His words.  My job is just to say yes to what He says.  

If I try to make that word come to pass though, I’ve just stepped into manipulation and control, which according to my Bible is witchcraft.  

So, I don’t know what will happen or how it will happen.  I do know He is not concerned about evil men no matter what side they are on, and I’m pretty sure there are some on both.  They and their schemes are no more than dust to Him, and at the appointed time, He will blow them away.

I do know we are to be patient, kind, not boastful, not envious, not proud, not rude, not self seeking, not easily angered.  We should keep no record of offensives done to us.  We should delight in truth.  We should uphold justice, never rejoicing in evil.  We should always protect, trust, and hope.  This is the way of love.

I do know we should continue to pray for all those in leadership and trust God to continue to expose evil and corruption, bringing to justice those who have committed it.  

Our hope and trust is in God, who is good, who is love, whose throne is built on justice and righteousness.  He is not done with us or our country.  He is in control and on the throne.  He is roaring over our land.  I choose to stand with Him.

I think it’s time to lift Jesus high and to truly follow in His steps.  When we do that, we can’t go wrong or be misled.  

My dear friend, let’s lay down our right to be right.  Let’s look into the eyes of those on the other side, who are different than us, believe different than us, and let’s see their pain.  Let’s look at them as humans, creatures made in the image of God, who need the love of our Lord Jesus.  Let’s be the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus to them. 

Let us stand up to corruption and evil in all of its forms.   

The problem in our country is not our government or abortion or the media, etc…  We have a heart problem.  Evil is prevailing in our nation, because our hearts have become corrupt.  In the past, the church seemingly has ignored the evil or not been willing to deal with it, because it hasn’t hurt enough.  Maybe we have finally begun to wake up.  

As Graham Cooke says that we don’t have an evil problem.  We have a goodness problem.  

Do not be overcome by evil, overcome evil with good.  Romans 12:21. 

A President nor governmental system can’t change a heart.  But God’s love can. Let’s be apart of that solution.

2 thoughts on “A Crisis of Goodness”

  1. Good words Carolyn. Enlightening. Truthful. Standing up to corruption in all its evil, yet doing it in Christ’s love and most certainly combatting the real enemy in the heavenlies. Lord give us voices and holy prayer that pierces right through this darkness that seems to be prevailing~ Help us remember that “No weapon formed against us will prevail and every word of judgement shall be destroyed” Help is remember that we are surrounded by the army of God and the great cloud of witnesses. Breathe encouragement, strength and courage into our souls as we lean into You , take a deep breath and remember that the battle is Yours yet You will equip us in anointing of Your Spirit to press in victoriously through whatever the days look like ahead of us! We love You, Lord Jesus and press ever close to the Good Shepherd , Lover of our souls and Lord, to Whom we are learning to surrender to moment by moment. Help us live one day at a time, in rhythm of Your holy word and guidance through the prayer Yoy taught to all of us: Our Father, Who is in heaven. Holy is Your name. Your kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy come! Your will be done in us, Your people and in this earth as it is in heaven. Give us THIS day our daily Living Bread, as we commune with You~ and forgive us all our trespasses web as we forgive those who’ve trespassed against us. Lead us as our Good Shepherd. Not into temptation , and deliver us from all evil. That Your name would be magnified in our lives, our families and upon this earth in Jesus name. Amen


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