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“How do you hear God so well?” or some version of that, is a question I often hear people ask me.  My usual answer is something like, “Well, God and I have walked together through hell and back, so I learned out of desperation to hear His voice.” I remember one such time with Jesus.…
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2 thoughts on “Proof of Love | Wholehearted Women”

  1. I like your writing and I read the article in the link. However, I would say masturbation isn’t necessarily chosen as an alternative over a relationship and think it’s too simple to dismiss those who find solace in pornography as being unwilling to expose their hearts. Some people can’t find someone to give their heart to or connect with and I’m fairly sure a great many would trade the loneliness of masturbation for the real thing and all the good things that go with it if they could. I don’t think the average masturbator is sitting in bed thinking, “I’m winning here, this is so much better than the real thing!” Anyway…I appreciate masturbation was just a metaphor in a wider point you were making but I don’t think it’s a good choice because one can choose honesty before God in the blink of an eye, one seldom finds a suitable partner so swiftly, if at all.


    1. I really appreciate your honesty. That was not a metaphor I would’ve have chosen to use, but that is simply how I heard it from the Holy Spirit. I could’ve have heard wrong, but I think it effectively communicated the Bridegroom’s call to His Bride in a general sense. I simply was writing what I heard, not trying to use it as a counseling point or condemn anyone for the practice of it. I think many people keep their distance from God, being satisfied with replacements rather than the real thing. The Israelites were pretty good at that. It’s a heart issue Abba was addressing, not an action. Hope that makes sense.


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