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A Time of New Beginnings

Spring is here early, bulbs are budding, and frogs are courting.

Beautiful things are budding all around.  At Blossoming Hearts, new things are happening here too.  

Here’s a run down of what we are up to.

– New original prints of artwork are being added to on our web store.  Check out the two newest additions below.
– For local peeps,  I am the featured artist at Crossroads 4 Tea and Coffee in Simpsonville, SC for March.  There are many beautiful pieces there for sale!  Our featured pieces are at the bottom.  Some are paintings and others are prints.  To hear the stories behind each of the featured pieces, go to our facebook page.

 – Recorded classes are now available and can be purchased on our website for a small fee.  This month’s will have the theme of butterflies and new life.

-Free classes also through our website.

– Seasonal, in person painting classes, and classes for groups upon request. Our calendar for the next couple of months is below.

-Free classes through Switch for sex trafficking survivors, and donation only classes to other groups of recovery like Celebrate Recovery.  We have a CR painting class this month!  Whoo Hoo!

-Encouraging blogs through our website and social media.

-This spring, we will publishing a new book, “The Invitation”. So, excited to get this out!

– We are looking at in the summer possibly doing a three month art club for adults, and hopefully some classes for kids this summer.  (Trying to talk my daughter into teaching some for the kiddos.)   If you are interested in that, let me know.

A Reflection of Revelation 7:1“The Four Winds”“The Four Winds” is a Giclee, museum-quality print of an original acrylic pour painting.  This print is now available in three sizes on our web store through our website.  “I saw four angels stationed at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth…”

A Reflection of Matt. 6:10“The Key to His Heart”“The Key to His Heart” is a Giclee, museum-quality print of an original acrylic pour painting representing the keys to the kingdom that God has given to us as His children with one of the main keys being the Love of God.  We can unlock His Heart, His Kingdom of love, and release that on earth.  This print is now available in three sizes on our web store through our website.

To order, click here.

Mark Your Calendars:

Online Class for purchase: “New Beginnings” available mid-March

Fri., April 2nd. In Person Painting Class. “New Beginnings”, an acrylic painting class at 5:30 pm on the back porch of Crossroads 4 Tea and Coffee in Simpsonville, SC (weather permitting for outdoors.  We will move inside if it doesn’t.). Cost is $30.  Limited seating, so payment required ahead of time through  To sign up, either email me or register through our event on our Facebook page.

Sat., May 8th at 2:00 pm. Mother/ Daughter In Person Painting Class  at Word of God Counseling in Greenville, SC.  Details coming.


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