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Happy 2nd Birthday to Us

We are celebrating with some exciting changes for you!
We took the month of January off to recalibrate and seek the Lord for vision over this business and ministry.  He did not disappoint.  

We felt a strong reemphasis on why my husband and I were brought together in the first place, and a reminder of my birthright.  The following is what you will now find on our home page on our website, which explains our why and how.  (The website has now been revamped and ready.)
We really appreciate your prayers as we step out into new areas.  Hope you will take time to check out all the new changes.  We’d love to hear from you.

Much Love,
Paul and Carolyn Weaver
Why we do what we do…Blossoming hearts equal flourishing families.

Our vision is for all families to be healthy, Christ-centered, which results in healthy communities.  

Our mission is to strengthen the family unit by cultivating relationships with God, yourself, and others.

Our belief is that strong, healthy, God-centered families are the backbone for healthy community. We also believe that as God heals, restores, delivers the individuals in the family unit, and each operates in their identity as Sons and Daughters of God, family can truly thrive creating healthy communities.

Our mandate is to allow the Lord to heal the broken hearted, to rebuild the devastation of many generations, and to turns the hearts of the father to the children and the hearts of children to the fathers through us. Is. 61, Mal. 4:6

How do we accomplish this…

The Write Side :
Blogs, articles, and books that encourage and nurture those relationships through our life journey, prophetic words, marriage and family lessons, etc…

 The Artsy Side:
Blossoming Art Classes that provide connection with God through the arts that nurture your soul and spirit. These are live and online classes.
Healing Heart Art Classes that are specifically designed for survivors of abuse which are offered for free, whether online or in person through organizations like Switch or by request.Resources for personal, spiritual, marriage, and family growth.
So, here’s what is new to the website:
*All my free painting classes online
* Blogs now organized by topics, so easy to find your favorites
* A new section for classes that you can order.  We will be adding to this as we record the classes.
* We will begin offering monthly online classes hopefully by March or April.  These will be online group classes that you can interact with me and others.  
* A new resource section for healing/wholeness of your hearts and for nurturing flourishing  families.  
* A web-store link to purchase original artwork and books.  
* A calendar of local, in person events

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