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Happy New Year!

What I love about this picture is that everyone is so uniquely different, yet together they made one big, happy family.  Each member of the family has a God-given design, and when in a healthy family environment, we can thrive, growing up into all God has called us to be and do.  

That’s what Blossoming Hearts is all about, creating and providing environments and tools to help the individuals in the family to thrive, to blossom.  
Bill Johnson recently said, “Healthy families equal healthy cities.”  If you want to change a community, it begins with the individuals in family units being healthy, which results in thriving families.  

We want to fulfill our part in that well, starting with our own home, and then moving out from there.

For the month of January we will be taking time off from the normal classes to seek the Lord on how to best do just that. 

A friend recently said that God has given us bags full of gifts, and it was time to begin unpacking those bags.  So, we’d appreciate your prayers as we seek guidance on how to best follow the Lord in this.

In the meantime, I am actively uploading art classes to our YouTube channel, Blossoming Hearts.  You are welcome to check out classes there and subscribe for new ones, or as always check out on our facebook page. 

Many blessings on a prosperous and blessed New Year!

PS.  You can also subscribe to keep up to date on our website with current blogs and news.  

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