Happy Christmas Early! A Word About the Season We are In

For the past two weeks, the theme of Christmas early, and us getting presents early has come to me from so many different directions, like everyone in my sphere of influence has been talking about it.

It began when Kathie Walters was with us for some meetings a couple of weeks ago. People began singing Christmas carols and seeing decorations and presents in the Spirit. Evidently, it is also something President Trump said a month or so ago that Christmas was coming early.

For the last two weeks, an excitement has been growing within me, as I’ve continued daily to see and hear this theme of Christmas early this year.

Even while visiting the doctor, my nurse stopped abruptly on her way out the door. “I just put my Christmas tree up,” she said. “It just felt like we needed a little Christmas early.” She laughed, as I smiled and nodded my agreement. We had not even mentioned Christmas before this. Over and over, these things have happened to me.

Then this evening I believe these words came from the Lord, and I heard that I need to go ahead and share it. So here you go. I hope it encourages you, as it did me.

Dear One,

Everything is about to change.  Everything is shifting.  The wave of darkness is being pushed back.  

South Carolina is an angel portal now, because the portals are open for the angel armies to come through.  The angel armies have and are being released over and through out your land.  I have heard the prayers of my children.  

America’s light will not go out.  It will remain a light and the light will blaze with my glory to reignite this land with my fire and the world.  

I will expose the darkness and wicked schemes held behind closed doors and secret meetings.  The dirty laundry will be hung in the open, because I have given warning, but my words were not heeded.  The time for repentance is passed for some.  For others, as the exposure becomes fully in the light, they will fall on their faces and repent.  

The mighty have fallen.  The obelisks will be destroyed and crushed to dust.  The death grip, power of darkness over this country has come to an end.  

So, rejoice as you see the cloud the size of a hand for the rainstorm is coming to refresh the land and give water to the thirsty.  

It is time for Christmas early, for celebration to ring out across your land for the King of Glory has come and will not be delayed in His coming again.  I will visit my people again and pour out my spirit without measure!  Without measure!

Lift up your eyes for your help comes in the name of the Lord.  



2 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Early! A Word About the Season We are In”

  1. Thank you for your words of comfort. I thought I could see how the Lord was working through President Trump, and would continue to the next four years. God has guided me in prayer for many things that needed to be revealed. When I read ‘I’m Not Done Yet’, I felt that the Lord was confirming my prayers. Then the last two weeks have been a roller coaster ride with the thought of ‘what if..’ In my mind I know that when a precinct or county cannot ‘balance’ ballots with legal voters, that the entire precinct is supposed to be thrown out at the county or state level. I work on an election board. My optimism tells me that the USSupreme Court will uphold the ‘ship USS Constitution’ ;-), and disqualify certain counties, if not the whole state. But then satan confronts me with pessimists who don’t have the faith or haven’t heard what I have from the Lord. I explain my optimism and that makes them feel better, but then it makes me question my own faith.
    It was for me that the Lord told you to share these words of faith. You wrote, ‘The wave of darkness is being pushed back. I have heard the prayers of my children.’ You’ve brought tears to someone who cannot cry.
    Ever since I first read ‘A Recent Wild Vision’, I have been hearing the same words that you’ve used to reference parts of your vision. God has put us all on the same page to encourage one another. In Christ,. Chris


    1. I am so grateful that this helped you, Chris. I’ve had plenty of moments of God what is going on? But then He keeps putting this joy and confidence in my heart that it is all going to turn out well. I’ve heard since March He is exposing and uprooting the deceptions and corruptions even back to the foundations of our country. He has definitely been doing that. Happy Christmas!!

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