Flag Fly High

Wholehearted Women

Five years ago, this flag flew over Bald Rock, SC as symbol of unity and healing between ethnic groups. The prayer act for which it was crafted was affectionately titled “The Prayer on the Mountain”.

This morning, the flag leaned against the wall of a different place, but beckoned me all the same to hold it in-between my fingers once again. As I twirled it back and forth, memories flooded back of the first time it flew.

The flag is made up of various vibrant colors intermixing to create a kaleidoscope of beauty. Each color represents a different color of humanity, all uniquely made by the Creator. Different colors, different variants of dye soaked into the same pure white silk. At each transition between the colors, a chaotic collision of mixture occurs.

The master artisan of the flag told me that she used special rock salt to cause the colors…

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